Mapungubwe National Park – An African Oasis


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Mapungubwe National Park – An African Oasis

The Travel Diaries: Harare, Zimbabwe

PicsArt_08-15-09.03.56A quick two hour flight took me from Johannesburg, South Africa to Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare. It has been three years since I returned home, and I could not wait to go through customs, collect my luggage and meet my family who were patiently waiting.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The roads are generally in good order however many of the suburban roads are in urgent need of repair. Motorists should be alert to the dangers posed by potholes.

Home is our little slice of heaven, with towering palm trees, a crystal clear swimming pool and over an acre of land where our dog ‘Whiskey’ runs around freely.

Posing proudly with the Zimbabwean Flag
The Robinson Family Home

Shopping in Zimbabwe

We had no need to leave the suburbs to go into the city, because we live ten minutes away from Borrowdale Village shopping centre. There is everything from Mugg & Bean, to a ‘Nike’ store to a massive, fully stocked Food Lover’s Market. This Food Lovers has a wonderful combination of imported goods and locally manufactored childhood favourites like Cherry-plum, ‘Thingz’ chips and ‘Willards Jupiters’. It was a walk down memory lane, being able to buy products that are so fondly associated with the best memories from my beloved country.


Being A Tourist

I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist in my own country, as we went on two day-trips to explore the Zimbabwean wildlife. The first trip was to Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve, which you would never believe is located in a green belt in the heart of the city.

Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve

Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve

For $15US (R210.00 per person,) we could go on a guided horseback safari through the woodlands allowing visitors the unique opportunity to get up close to the wild animals in the reserve. I shared this experience with my brother Kyle, and sister Savananah, as we had done every school holiday growing up.

Once on our horses, we rode in single file behind our guide Simba, who knew everything there was to know about both the horses, and the local wildlife. From Zebras, to Giraffe and Eland, we saw them all in their majestic glory.

Photos honestly do not do these creatures any justice,they are huge!

The tour was one hour in total and worth every cent!

Kuimba Bird Park, Lake Chivero

A thirty minute drive with my family via the ‘scenic route’ (which took us passed ‘Snake World’ and ‘Lion and Cheetah Park’) led us to the Kuimba Bird Park. Situated on the shores of Lake Chivero, in a National Park, this sanctuary boasts over 460 species of indigenous birds in the wild.

Entrance to the park cost $US5 (R70.00) per adult, and once inside we took a walk around the grounds. Even though it is the most empty the lake has been in years, the view is still so beautiful, and peaceful.

We spotted a four metre long crocodile, which we were informed had killed nine fish poachers along the river bank.

We stopped for lunch at a quaint restaurant, and sat at a table under the trees, watching the fourteen wild horses roam free under the African sun.

Kuimba Shiri Bird Park is home to an ever increasing number of orphaned and injured birds. The bird park is important as it offers a home to birds that otherwise would have died. This offers a unique opportunity to educate people and allow these birds to breed in captivity, where the offspring may be released.

A few of the rescued birds found at Kuimba Shiri Bird Park

My favourite section of this bird sanctuary contained the colourful and exoctic parrots, love-birds and macaws. Even got a selfie with them😊

The caged area led to an open bird enclosure, where guests are welcome to walk among the birds in a ‘forest-like environment.’

This holiday was a truly special one, sharing adventures with my family amongst the local wildlife, and getting to relive childhood memories.

With a renewed appreciation for our wildlife reserves and the efforts taken to protect and conserve them, I continue to be extremely proud of my country and heritage.

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The Travel Diaries: Harare, Zimbabwe