Get The Look & Make-Up Review

Get The Look!

I have the same approach to my make-up, as I do toward my clothes and sense of style : I mix more expensive brands with super affordable products – because at the end of the day its the quality of the product that matters – and not the name brand. 

Recently I discovered ‘Freedom Make-up London’ & ‘I Heart Makeup London” products and everything I used to create this look is UNDER R220.00! So let’s go!

Finally, Quality Imported Make-Up that we CAN Afford!

In the past few years, more and more companies have been importing products that we see on these Youtube tutorials – most of them costing an arm and a leg! ‘Freedom’ and ‘I Heart Make Up London’ are both ‘drug-store’ brands, which means they are sold in stores (like our Clicks or Dischem) all over the UK and USA. Their aim is to provide quality product at affordable price – so you don’t have to break the bank to look GORGEOUS!

The Look we are going to create

The look we are going to create today is a sexy, glam eye, with contouring and highlighting to the MAX!

STEP 1 : Apply the Strobe Cream after you Moisturise!

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream provides the most subtle and natural illumination and highlighting for the skin. Apply it in targeted areas to bring the strobe highlighting effect, or all over for an illuminating base. It can be worn underneath makeup or on top for extra highlighting, but in this case I use it after applying my moisturiser and BEFORE I apply my foundation.

STEP 2 : Time for GLAM EYES

Who doesn’t love salted caramel? Revolution brings us the best salted caramel recipe in a gorgeous eye-shadow palette. There is no better combination than these 16 shimmer and matte addictive shades. From delicious nudes to tempting pinks to bring you salt and sweet at the same time – and it absolutely smells divine!

For this look, I used the ‘Caramel shade’ on the inside of my eye lid, with ‘Tempt’ on the outer-edge of my lid, and ‘Yum’ to highlight, under the arch of my brow.

It’s super simple and easy, and the diagram above will show you which shade goes where. These colours not only smell delicious, but the pigment is quite concentrated so you dont need to use tons of product in order to see the colours on your eyes! Winning at life!


After using the foundation and concealer of your choice, and making sure your brows are on fleek, IT’S TIME TO CONTOUR!

The Pro Cream Strobe Palette contains  3x Matte Highlighters, 3x Matte Contours, 1x Pro Strobe Brush. What I LOVE about this palette is that it’s everything you need in one compact palette – including banana powder which can be used for ‘baking’ your face. It also comes with the perfect brush made to make contouring easy for beginners and pros!

Where exactly you apply your contour and highlight depends on the shape of your face – use the diagrams above to see what shape is yours – and go from there. My face is oval, so my contour is applied along my hairline, and under my cheekbones. I choose to contour on either side of my nose to make it appear slimmer – but that is a personal preference – so that’s completely optional.

STEP 4 : You’re making me BLUSH

The ‘I Heart Makeup’ Blushing Hearts range is one of their best selling products and its easy to see why! The gorg packaging and stunning blush completes the look (and between you and me, is my FAVE product of the lot). Apply on the apple of your cheeks and you are good to go!

The Perfect Pout

Cherry Red Lips

If you are in the mood for a dramatic lip, look no further! The Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Palette x 24 – Noir has every sexy shade from romantic red to a deep, dark green! For this look I used the red found in the top left corner. It is soft and moisturising, so your lips don’t dry out – which is great!

So How Much Do These Products Cost?

All available on

  • Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Palette x 24 – Noir : R215.00
  • Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream : R185.00
  • I Heart Makeup I ♡ Chocolate – Salted Caramel : R160.00
  • Pro Cream Strobe Palette : R215.00
  • I Heart Makeup’ Blushing Heart : R110.00

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you liked it, and I’d LOVE to see how you rock any of these looks, so please feel free to reach out on any of my social media platforms to share your looks –  Twitter  Instagram or Facebook💋

Stay Blessed


Get The Look & Make-Up Review

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